Eye HospitalThe Rotterdam Eye Hospital

EuroHotel Centrum is located at just a few minutes of The Rotterdam Eye Hospital. From the enstrance of the hotel you can already see the back of the hospital, which is why staying at EuroHotel Centrum is perfect when you have an appointment at the hospital.

The Rotterdam Eye Hospital is a Center of Excellence, and therefore the specialist in ophthalmology. Their motto is: “Care for the eye, eye for care”. They collaborate with well known eye hospitals in the whole world and innovation is key, they are always looking for new ways to make quality and safety in care even better. The eye hospital celebrated its 140th anniversary last year and therefore knows a rich history. Different developments have caused for the hospital to become the knowledge- and treatmentcenter it is today. Finally, the eye hospital has received many awards for design, quality and safety.


Eye HospitalErasmus MC

Also located at a walking distance (15 minutes) is Erasmus MC, an university medical center. Erasmus MC is leading in the healthcare industry and is recognized for this. At Erasmus MC it is believed that healthcare can be even better and that people can stay healthy for a longer time. The institute is divided into two parts, the Erasmus MC-Sophia childrens hospital and Erasmus MC cancer institute. Erasmus MC-Sophia offers healthcare to children and performs scientific research in this area. Education and studies are also provided there. Furthermore the Erasmus MC Kanker Institute takes care of cancer patients and there, scientific research, education and studies are also held.


Are you visiting The Rotterdam Eye Hospital anytime soon?

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