Shopping in the Witte de Withstraat

At a few minutes walking distance the lively Witte de Withstraat can be found. Here you can find extraordinary shops with exclusive fashion and products, different from your everyday fashion. Among these shops are several specialty shops, where experts in the field can fill up their bags. A few examples of the shops in the Witte de Withstraat are:

The lingerie shop of Marlies Dekkers, the famous designer.
Goliath, a clothingshop with fashionable sneakers.
In de ban van de ring, “Lord of the rings”, both a shop and a studio where special jewelry is presented.
R.S.I. The Attraction, the specialist in skates, snowboards, rollerskates, frisbees and kites.

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 Shopping in het centre of Rotterdam

At 10 minutes walking distance you can already reach the centre of Rotterdam, where you can shop even more! There are different shoppingstreets in the centre, a famous shoppingstreet is the Lijnbaan. In the near area many famous shops can be found, such as the biggest H&M of Europe. The Koopgoot is also a well known shopping area, where you can find more famous shops, such as the Beijenkorf for instance.

You can also choose to visit a shopping mall, Alexandrium offers you an excellent option. It is a great covered centre that exists out of three combined parts, Alexandrium Shopping center, Alexandrium Megastores and Alexandrium Wooncentre. Another option is Zuidplein, where there is a great offer of shops.

Furthermore, Rotterdam has 12 markets to visit. The most famous one is the Markthal (10 minutes walking distance), the beautiful market already received several awards. It has often been recognized for its stunning appearance and modern architecture. Aside from the Markthal, at Blaak, the longest market of Europe is held, almost two and a half kilometers. There is a great offer of foods, clothing, accessories, fabrics, flowers and plants. The market at Blaak is held every Tuesday and Saturday from 08.00-17.30. The second longest market can be found at Afrikaanderplein (14 minutes with the metro), where different products can be found as well. The Afrikaandermarkt is held on Wednesday from 08.00-17.30 and on Saturday 08.00-17.00.