Rotterdam has many reasons to be visited. It is a city with a lively nightlife, a modern international city and it is also known for many aspects.

In Rotterdam one of the biggest harbours of the world can be found, which is why Rotterdam is also called the World Port City. The modern architecture is typical for the city. After Rotterdam was bombed during the Second World War, it was decided to give Rotterdam a new futuristic view, instead of just rebuilding the city. Today we still experience this view in the city, due to the fast growth of the city. Aside from the harbour and the modern architecture, there is a wide range of restaurants, club, events, festivals, art and culture. (At the page “Activities in Rotterdam” you can find more information about the city attractions) Rotterdam is an excellent city to explore, due to the good connections the central station of Rotterdam offers.


Rotterdam once started as a small fishing village. Around 1270 a dam in the Rotte was build. The city quickly changed into a trade village. Then, the fast growth of the city was already visable in the city. In 1340 Rotterdam received city rights. During the sixteenth and the seventeenth century the city expanded within its city walls. After 1872 this changed, after the contruction of the New Waterway the city expanded outside of its city walls. Because of the harbour of Rotterdam, the city became the industrial heart of Europe. The harbour provided for labour and it drew other nations to Rotterdam.

During the Second World Ward the city was bombed. A large part of Rotterdam was severely damaged, however the rebuild of the city was started right away. This provided the modern architecture and the beautiful skyline that can be found in the city. The city experienced a period of prosperity and immigrants travelled to Rotterdam, which has made Rotterdam the multicultural city that it is today.

* One of the most famous persons of Rotterdam is Desiderius Erasmus, he was a scholar that was born around 1467. His name can still be found often in the city.